Far Cry 4 Review and Quick Overview

Our select transcription from a video by Lots of Games YouTube Channel, please check them out!

WWhat’s up guys? Jimmy here with another “Lots of Games” review. Today I’ll be reviewing the Playstation 4 version (not really different from the PC version). Just to let you guys know, about a month ago I had a chance to go to UBISoft and play the Far Cry 4 game. I have the final review copy now which I am very excited about. I also did this video about “My favorite 15 moments with Far Cry 4”. I’ll put links up to that.
To start things off with this review, I was at work the other day and I tried to explain to my boss what the game is. I told him that in the game you can:

  • Hunt Animals
  • Skin Animals
  • Use the Skins to Craft
  • Craft things like Larger Loot Bags

I also told my boss about the huge open world you can explore and how in the campaign you will get to choose different paths which will change the story. I also told my boss how many different skills there are to unlock, and how those skills will help you tremendously in terms of taking down opposition forces. And after explaining all this to my boss, my boss said, “So is Far Cry 4 like an RPG? Like Skyrim?”
And I started thinking about that. While it is true that Far Cry 4 is an open world first person shooter, there are a lot of fantastic RPG elements that will keep you engaged. Now, Far Cry 4 takes place in a fictional place, called Kirati, kind of like the Himilayan area. In the game you’ll start off taking your mother’s ashes to her homeland. You’ll soon get recruited to help people who are being oppressed under the leader “Min” who is also the main villain of the game.

Now the villain Min is flamboyant, arrrogant, scary and I thought he was pretty awesome.

Now the villain Min is flamboyant, arrrogant, scary and I thought he was pretty awesome. I thought the voice actor for Min, Troy Baker, did an amazing job bringing Min to life. Now, the main thing I had really wished happened with Pagan Min is that physically he’s very little in the game. In the beginning he makes his grand entrance, but throughout the game you really don’t see him at all. You’ll hear from him, such as calls on the hand radio, but it would have been great if there had been more close encounters with Min.
Now, when you do pick up Far Cry 4 guys, I recommend that you begin clearing out enemy outposts. Doing so will give you the opportunity to fast travel. Which is not to say that you won’t enjoy taking a car, jet ski, hang glider, or a gyrocopter from point A to point B. You will. But sometimes having the fast travel option will come in handy because the game is just so huge. Sometimes you’ll just want to jump to the next mission. You’ll have an option on the map to drop in to some scattered outposts and reclaim them. Having the option of fast travel in that neck of the woods can really come in handy.


Now talking about campaign missions, there’s something I need to talk about in terms of replayability. There are times when you’ll be given sides to choose related to the “Golden Path,” the group that is the opposition to Min. These options give unique missions, so if you play through again, you can choose different missions so you will have a whole new experience in a totally new way.


Far Cry 4 has a wonderful cast of characters that are fun to interact with. Some help you gain variety to an excess of guns. I really enjoyed the characters. The landscapes are beautiful to explore, however, being about to talk with the people and being able to go on missions for this very cool cast of characters really help to bring life to the game.


On side missions, the animals will also help you out. I talked about how when you skin animals you’ll be able to upgrade loot bags to carry more currency. But also when you do the skinning you’ll get these cuts of meat that you can put in your bag. You’ll later get the opportunity to really get creative with the meat. You can use the meat as bait and along will come a bear or a leapord or really, lots of different animals in the game. So if you throw the meat near the enemy outposts or wherever the enemies gather, the animals will try to protect their food and they will attack the enemies for you when they get close to the food. I did this often in the game and it really helped me complete objectives.


Now, to even the odds even further, try the Co-op. TIP: If by chance you have a friend with you in game, may I suggest a friend who does not take off and leave you when you’re being attacked by a pack of wolves. (See lol Video at 7:10)
In the Co-op you can take out outposts, radio towers, and fortresses and the gyrocopter is fantastic in co-op. It will help you travel really fast. If you have the Playstation 4 version, you’ll get 10 keys that will let you play with a friend who doesn’t have the game for 2 hours of playtime each. So if you have a friend that wanted to use all the keys you’d be able to play up to 20 hours of co-op. Now, the big issue I had with the co-op in Far Cry 4 is that you we’ren’t able to play the main missions in the game. I do understand the difficulty there, but they could have managed that. I can imagine that somewhere down the line they’ll update this so that you can. We’ll see.


Multiplayer Gameplay Modes:

  • Outpost
  • Propoganda
  • Demon Mask

Let’s talk about these gameplay modes. These matches are up to 5 vs. 5 players and ten maps were made available at launch.
Outpost is all about building an outpost. It’s Golden Path vs. Min. The Golden Path has the sole objective to destory propoganda. The Demon Mask is a flag capture. The Golden Path in the multiplayer can use brute force with guns and a variety of skills. The oppositon can use their bows and summon animals to take out Golden Path soldiers. They can also cloak when in crouch. I actually like playing on both of the factions teams to see how well their strengths stacked up. These maps are large and fun and the gameplay is fast, fun, and furious. The animals in these matches brings the excitement up a notch and I will be very surprised if the elephants are not nerfed in the future. The amount of damage you can amass riding the elephant is just outrageous.


Overall, Far Cry 4 is a definite buy. A very solid game. The co-op is a blast. Invite one of your friends to play with you and it can be a lot of fun. The multi-player is a little limited overall, not so many people available to play with. Seems like the games are trying to reduce things with number of players. But a solid package. The environments are beautiful and huge, lots of explore, lots of animals and characters to interact with.

Lots of different travel options:

  • hang gliders
  • cars
  • gyrocopters
  • trucks

The gunplay is fast and furious. The actual gameplay in the game I was very, very pleased with. Very simple, very intuitive, and you can also learn new skills in the game that will help you progress. You’re going to need to unlock these skills if you want to be a success against Min’s armies. Thank you so much!